Dr. Hall’s Indian Christmas Seals (Part II)


(Part 2 of 3) When Dr. Hall was forced to leave Korea in 1941, he went to India where he continued his missionary work and started to build a TB seal program as he had done in Korea. And, like in Korea, he was successful in building a TB seal program in India. Indian TB Seals have many of the characteristics that collectors cherish: reprints, color varieties, perforation varieties, souvenir sheets, plate proofs and related ephemera.

One of the things that interest me is the development of the imagery used on the seals. Here are examples of these seals and their imagery starting with the 1945 seal.

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(KSS Editor:) Please note this article was also published in KP Vol. 57 No. 1 (Q1 2021) as one article. The online version of this article has been divided in 3 parts. This is part 2 of 3. Steven Zwillinger’s website on these seals (and many other philatelic subjects) is https://exhibitorspress.com/. For more information on Dr Hall’s Christmas seals see the articles on this subject published by KSS members.


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