Missionary stamp collectors on 1964 KPS membership list

South Korea

In an issue of the KSS Newsletter, there was a photocopy of part of the membership list of the Korea Philatelic Society. It is interesting to note that two non-Koreans are listed as members, both missionaries. One is KSS member Dr. Lyman Hale (1922 – 2019), a physician at Severance Hospital, Seoul and a member of the Methodist mission; the other is Mrs. Joan Vida Underwood (1915-1976).

Mrs. Underwood was a member of the Davidson missionary family and married Horace Grant Underwood (1917-2004), of the founding Presbyterian missionary family in Korea. Our KSS member, Fred Underwood, informed me that his aunt was a great stamp collector and clearly her membership shows her deep involvement in the hobby.

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