And yes, more Chollimas!

North Korea

Recently I found these the two postcards shown in the image advertised in packs of North Korean (DPRK) postcards on Delcampe, including one pack from a dealer in China. I do not really know what they are or what they represent. I only bought them because they featured the Chollima.

They appear to be propaganda issues, one with a soldier riding the Chollima and the other with an image appears to be an angry worker with a ballistic missile taking off. I am hoping that some collectors of the DPRK issues can tell us the story behind these postcards.

Unknown postcard. The card is not listed in the 2015 edition of the “Korean Stamp Catalogue 1946-2015”, but it is also not in the online catalogue published by the KSC from 2017.
Reverse of same card. Unfortunately this doesn’t show anything to deduce the year of publication.
New Year card for year 2010 (Ps623, 2010.1.1) “Towards the thriving and powerful nation”.
Reverse of Ps623. The flower in the stamp indice is officially called “Kimilsungia”.

4 thoughts on “And yes, more Chollimas!

  1. This is a postcard, not Postal stationery and therefore not mentioned in any catalogue. These cards are printed in the PY printing house (the same that prints DPRK stamps) and sold at the KSC Philatelic outlet in PY. For some years KSC realized “propaganda type” material sells better than average since the World likes them most, they are producing some stamps every year and besides that, they create postcards, painted poster-size stamps in large quantities. All this material is on offer when visiting their stand at international stamp shows and the PY Postal museum shop in Pyong Yang.

  2. There are only very limited (maybe 1 or 2) government-owned printed factory in North Korea, they print everything even beer bottle labels! I had ever seen more than 20 different types of propaganda postcards. And maybe more nowadays. They are vert popular souvenirs for North Korean visitors.
    FYI, DPRK also printed stamps for Abkhazia!

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