Korean Philately Vol. 57 No. 3 (Q3 2021)

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The KSS has published a new edition of the KSS magazine, Korean Philately, the second KP for 2021! As a member you can download this edition of Korean Philately for free as a PDF. And again, just as was the case with all four issues for 2020, you can own a full-colour magazine-style hard-copy version of this KP!

How to download?

This edition of Korean Philately can, just like all previous editions/issues, be downloaded from the KSS website. In case you just can’t wait to download it, here is the direct download link for you as a member:

Korean Philately Vol. 57 No. 3 (Q3 2021)

Because this is a “member only” download, you must be logged on to the KSS website for the link to work. Not a member yet? Join for free right now and have free access to this edition and all previous editions of KP in no time!

Want to own a printed version? Buy one online!

The KP used to be sent to KSS members as part of their membership. Given present day costs of printing and sending hard-copy editions of magazines and books this would not be a viable option any longer. This is especially true because of the fact that KSS membership is currently 100% for free.

If you would like to order a printed copy, you can find the print versions of Korean Philately magazine on the KSS profile at Blurb.com:

Order print versions of Korean Philately magazines

Notice Blurb has the occasional discount offer. This can save you quite a lot of money!

And in case you are wondering: we make pretty much zero profit on selling hard-copy KP’s, we only offer this service through Blurb in case you would like to hold our great looking magazine in your own hands.

What does Korean Philately look like?

Want to have an idea of what you will get with this edition of Korean Philately? Below are some of the 90 pages of this KP:


First page from Robert Finder’s article on the Plum Blossom stamps.

Sample page from Chen Yi-Fu’s article on North Korean stamps with a special background.

Page from Alexander Shaposhnikov’s article on other examples of North Korean stamps.

Page from Ivo Spanjersberg’s article on Seoul revenue stamps.

Page from the second installment of early fake stamps.

Your article in KP?

It’s great to publish articles on your (Korea related) philatelic interests! See how people react to articles by looking at the great comments our authors get and notice how good your materials would look like in print! With both the PDF and the Blurb printed-on-demand versions KSS members can now choose there preferred method of reading Korean Philately magazine, but that is also true for our authors of course. Therefore, if you’d like to publish an article as well for the KSS website and/or Korean Philately magazine, please contact us through our online form. “Letters to the Editor” for the next issue(s) are also very welcome, as are ideas for other print items (such as the seals shown here).

KSS seals

Besides the printed version of KP the KSS has also created other items this year: seals. You can read more about the KSS seals on our website, or if you want to buy them right now (we know you want to!) you can go directly to the KSS Delcampe webshop.


6 thoughts on “Korean Philately Vol. 57 No. 3 (Q3 2021)

  1. Hello All, this comment comes from Bill Matthews, one of the past Board Members and Treasurer of the KSS as a response to my editorial in the August 1 KSS montly newsletter:

    “I believe that we should institute Society dues necessary to cover the cost of Society operations. (The amount being determined by the Board of Directors and other Society officers since they are most familiar with our expenses.) While some may feel that access to our website should be without charge, there is a cost associated with running a website including domain registration(s), web hosting fees, needed software upgrades, and more. When the costs are spread across a group, the affect is low – if one person is absorbing them, it is much more significant. In addition, there are other fees that officers must cover and they more properly are the responsibility of the Society.
    Using donations to cover routine operations is inviting disaster. Without a steady input of dues allowing for pre-planning, one is merely hoping for good fortune. Having said that, donations can be a bedrock for future financial stability, covering short-term requirements and even special publications.
    Being a non-profit organization does not mean we cannot have a reserve, as evidenced by the holdings of major philatelic organizations. Running on the thin line of being bankrupt does not serve us as a group. Non-profit does not mean zero assets.
    Korean Philately is a treasure for those collecting Korean stamps, revenues, and postal history. The information contained in current and past issues serves as a wealth of information designed to assist you in your collecting efforts. I have purchased each of the Blurb productions of our journal. Each issue gives you that “Wow!” factor. The color used, the print quality, the quality of the paper in each is something that will last far, far into your future efforts. They are not without cost, but quality does cost. I’ve been pleased each time.

    Bill Matthews”

    1. Dear Robert Finder,
      Good day! I understand your concern about the financial side of the Korean Postage Stamp Society (KSS), any job requires money. Let me express my opinion on this issue. This is a very difficult decision, both positive and negative consequences must be taken into account.
      This is a very difficult decision, both positive and negative consequences must be taken into account. As you noticed, after the decision in 2018 that membership in the KSS will be free, the number of members in 3 years has grown from 20 members to almost 350. This shows that the annual membership fee is a deterrent to the growth of society.
      Not all members of society can pay the annual membership fee, no matter how “symbolic” it is made. The standard of living in different countries is different, which is “symbolic” for one country, but for another country it can be “overwhelming”. Of course, this will lead to the emergence of additional funds to support the KSS; But on the other hand, this can not only deter some people from joining, but also to reduce society. About the “Donation” link. Perhaps it makes sense to limit yourself to a voluntary donation for a while?
      Evgeniy Savchenko.

    2. Agree, annual membership cost should be instated as all worldwide philatelic memberships do if one wants to be a member and receive valuable information. Well worth money spent..

  2. Thanks for your comments Evgenicy. You make some very good points and it is very difficult to come up with solutions that will make everyone happy, and we do want to keep the membership open to as many people as possible. We will be discussing these issues more on the website and in the monthly newsletters. Best regards, Robert

  3. Annual dues, if needed to maintain the KSS, are fine. Special dues, if any, might be provided for retired members.

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