Comments on the new airmail and regular issues (1962)


In the 1960s (and for years after that decade) KSS member Lyman Hale and his wife lived in South Korea as medical missionaries, meaning they stayed there both as medical staff and as missionaries. Especially during the 1960s Lyman Hale wrote a lot of articles for KP (but as recent as 2019 he was still writing for the KSS!). Some of these have already been republished online (with new graphics whenever available added). Here is another article, from 1962, which we republish because it contains valuable background information to some stamp issues of the early 1960s.

(Editor 1962: In response to KPs request for additional information about the new airmail and regular issues reported in this month’s New Issues, Dr. Hale has kindly sent the following interesting comments.)

Concerning the air mail stamps, the present (1962) postal rates are as follows: 200H is for mail to Formosa, Hong Kong, Japan, and other close places. The 400H is for the balance of Asia and the U.S. A. However, these stamps don’t cover all possibilities. 320H is needed for Alaska, Burma, Laos, Thailand, etc., 570H is needed for Europe. The 50H and 100H are filler-ins to help cover sone of the differences.

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Lyman Hale
Lyman L. Hale Jr., M.D. (1921-2019) was a longtime KSS member, also editor of KP. Lived in Korea between 1958 and 1986.

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