International Women’s Day (8 March) Featured in the Philately of the DPRK

North Korea

In the period from 1953-1960, four issues of stamps, dedicated to the International Women’s Day (8 March) were issued in North Korea (this day is mainly celebrated in the territory of the former USSR, and some countries of Asia and Africa). Since 2019 this holiday has been a regional holiday in Berlin, Germany.

Female soldiers of the DPRK army.

Three of these issues are rare and belong to the “classic” DPRK stamps that are difficult to find. These stamps are very interesting and attractive to collectors of the period of North Korean philately from 1946-1957. This article lists the original artworks for these stamps along with images of the stamps. The designs of North Korean stamps are similar to the designs of the USSR stamps for this Women’s Day holiday for this period of stamps from 1947 and 1960 are shown in this article.

Fig. 1: DPRK, 1953, KSC #36 according to Korea Stamp Corporation catalogue
Fig. 2: DPRK, Artwork for stamp KSC #36, date 1953, size of artwork 99.5 x 138mm
Fig. 3: DPRK, 1953, KSC #37
Fig. 4: Artwork for stamp KSC #37, date 5 January 1953, size of artwork 100.5 x 124.5mm
Fig. 5: DPRK, 1954, KSC #50 (artwork not available)
Fig. 6: DPRK, 1955, KSC #60 catalogue
Fig. 7: Artwork for stamp KSC #60, date 14 (or 17, 19) December 1954, size of artwork 97 x 132mm
Fig. 8: Artwork for stamp KSC #60, date 10 January 1955, size of artwork 95 x 131mm
Fig. 9: DPRK, 1960, #183, 184 (artwork not available)
Fig. 10: USSR, stamps of 1947, Scott 1124 and Scott 2306, 1960 (International Women Day)

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