Japanese Offices in Korea Double-Circle Date Stamps (1876-1888)

Old Korea

This is a collection of date stamps used in Japanese Offices in Korea from 1876 to 1888. During this period the first type of CDS, “double-circle date stamps”, was used at Busan (or “Fusan” in Japanese), Wonsan (or “Gensan”), and Incheon (or “Ninsen”). The Japanese-language version of this exhibit was shown at JAPEX 2019 and STAMPEX JAPAN 2021 as part of a larger exhibit that covered the entire duration of the activities of the Imperial Japanese Post Offices in Korea from 1876 to 1945.

Kenji Nakano
Collecting postal markings in Korea, especially those at Japanese offices in 1876-1945. Residing in New York.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Offices in Korea Double-Circle Date Stamps (1876-1888)

  1. Dear Sir
    I wonder if you can help me with a cover I have just acquired. It is addressed to Chemulpo, Korea,China. Posted from New Zealand in 1890 it has travelled to Hong Kong (possibly via P&O steamers).
    It is backstamped Hong Kong (JY 22 90) and there is a date stamp on the front from Nagasaki (1Aug 1890). There are no Korean receiving marks.
    I am a keen collector of New Zealand postal history and would like to understand how this cover travelled from Hong Kong to Japan to Korea and why it went via Japan.
    I would be happy to send scans of the cover.
    Kind Regards
    Paul Wreglesworth FRPSL FRPSNZ

  2. Sir, I am sorry that I did not realize this message until now. The cover is dated when the Korean postal service was in an 11-year suspension and the only postal service available was that of Japan. Modern Korean postal service was launched in 1884, but was immediately terminated when a coup d’état by reform-minded officials led by the postmaster general failed. It was not until 1895 that the service resumed. Korea joined the Universal Postal Union in 1900. In the meantime, Japan, a UPU member since 1877, had been operating its post offices in Fusan (Busan), Gensan (Wonsan), and Ninsen (Incheon) aka Chemulpo. From Nagasaki, I gather the mail went to Chemulpo via Fusan.

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