Follow-Up to Millard Beatty’s Article on the UN Flags Errors of 1951

South Korea

Millard Beatty’s article discussed some of the errors he had found on the Italy and New Zealand issues of Korea’s 1951 UN Flag set. I was aware of the Italy issue missing the crown, but the spelling of “Zealand” with an “I”, rather than an “L” was a new variety to me, and I decided to see if I could find some of these “errors”.

Fig. 1: The normal correctly spelled “ZEALAND” 500 won issues, KPSC 108-9, Scott 160-1 are pictured above.

I originally thought that maybe these errors were plate faults, but I cannot find any full sheets to look for this error or plate fault. Since, as Millard added in a comment about the different font sizes of the both types of the New Zealand stamps, it seems that there may have different printings of these Korean stamps honouring New Zealand’s participation in the Korean War. I was able to find examples of both the green stamp with the Statue of Liberty and the blue stamp with the UN symbol with the “I” variety.

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