One Example of Dr. Sherwood Hall’s Tuberculosis/Christmas and New Year Envelopes and Letters Stationery


Eventually we will publish a full description of the Dr. Sherwood Hall’s known Tuberculosis/Christmas and New Year envelopes and letters stationery. This article gives a brief introduction of a set of stationery used personally by Dr. Sherwood Hall when thanking a friend in Fayetteville, Arkansas for some stamps and covers that were sent to Dr. Hall’s son.

Fig. 1: This envelope from 1937 is given the catalog number by Stephen Hasegawa of HE12 and a value of $100 (as of 2006).

As we discovered in a previous article on the Korea Stamp Society’s website, Dr. Hall was an avid stamp collector and he also used bundles of Korean stamps to raise money for his fighting of tuberculosis program. As a side note, Fayetteville, Arkansas is the home of the University of Arkansas.

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