Readers Question: Envelope for monetary donations or condolence letters?


Here is an envelope that looks like Dr. Hall’s examples but has no space for addresses. I thought it could be intended for monetary donations or possibly for condolence letters placed inside comfort bags. Does anyone know for sure?

Fig. 1: Reverse of cover with TB(?) seal

Loosely translated the front of the envelope reads:
Shūsei kaifukusha imon no tame ni
For comforting rehabilitating veterans

Kokumin hoken undō no tame ni
For the national health insurance movement

The reverse reads:
昭和十二年 十三年度
Shōwa 12 – 13 (1937 – 1938)

Shizen Ryōyōsha /Recuperation Society


2 thoughts on “Readers Question: Envelope for monetary donations or condolence letters?

  1. Hi Richard, I asked Stephen Hasegawa, from Japan, about this envelope and seal. He is the author of “Dr. Sherwood Hall’s Christmas and New Year Seals of Korea 1932 – 1940” catalogue published in 2006, which I often use as a reference in my articles about Korea’s TB/ Christmas and New Year Seals. He said this was a Japanese envelope and seal. I looked it up in Green’s Catalog of Tuberculosis Seals of the World and it is listed as number 83 from Japan, in the “Shizen Ryoyosha” (Natural Treatment for Patients) section, issued in 1937. Stephen said the reason the envelope looks so much like the Dr. Hall’s envelopes, is that Dr. Hall used these types of Japanese envelopes as models when he first started to use this design for his 1934 envelopes up to 1939. Good question on these as I had no idea myself until Stephen told me about them. Bob

  2. Hi Bob, Thanks for the detailed response. There is an obvious similarity to Dr. Hall’s envelopes but I didn’t know how they were connected. You really cleared the matter up. Thanks again, Rich

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