Cover commemorating Clark taking over UN Command in 1952

South Korea

This cover commemorates the appointment of Mark Clark and was sent by the Commander of the ROK Third Division to the Commander of the Ninth Division. General Mark Clark took over the United Nations Command on May 12, 1952, and held the position until July 27, 1953, when the armistice was signed.

Fig. 1: Front of cover, for explanation of characters see text.

Reading bottom left under UN flag:

New Commander UN Far East Command / 新極東UN軍總司令官

General Mark Clark 마ー크 크라크 大將

Large red rubber stamp in center: Military Post / 軍事郵便

Cancel: Top line Military軍事; bottom line: Post Office /郵逓局

4285.5.12 (May 12, 1952)

Bottom right: Republic of Korea Army 9th Division / 韓國軍第九師團

Headquarters Commander / 司令部司令官

Fig. 2: reverse of same cover.

Reverse: Black character printed vertically: Army / 陸軍

Bottom: Republic of Korea Army 3rd Division / 韓國軍第三師團

Headquarters Commander / 司令部司令官

Red circle in bottom center “Yi Byong Sup? 165903”

Question: was Mister Yi Byong Sup (SP?) a known philatelist and did he produce other philatelic items? Is the cancel legitimate or is this entire a purely philatelic fantasy? Either way, it is an interesting souvenir. Is this a purely philatelic fantasy?

The second cover, commemorating the truce in Korea, was canceled July 27 in Mabel, Minnesota.

Fig. 3: Another cover, this one an American cover commemorating the truce in Korea.

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  1. military mail
    Commander-in-Chief of the UN Army of the New North East? Cant find the value or any for sale. Would like to know their value. Thank You

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