The Korea Stamp Museum in Pyongyang in 2012-2013

North Korea

The Stamp Museum of Pyongyang is housed in a specially built three-floor building next to the well-known Koryo Hotel in downtown Pyongyang. The front of the building is designed in the shape of a stamp. In front of the building stands a bronze statue of a dove holding a postcard while flying around the earth up to the sky.

Fig. 1: Korea Stamp Museum building in 2013

The ground floor is partly occupied by a restaurant with its own entrance at the left side (not really for meant for international visitors), while the entrance of the stamp museum is at the right side of the building is. The front door leads to a hall with at the left end a grand staircase to the second floor where the stamp exhibition is located as well as a large stamp shop.

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2 thoughts on “The Korea Stamp Museum in Pyongyang in 2012-2013

    1. Regret that I don’t have pictures taken from individual stamps on display. Once covid restrictions are over I might pay a visit again to Pyonyang and keep it in mind.

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