DPRK 1976 “Winners, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal” Sheet Sizes and Other Differences

North Korea

In 1976, the DPRK released several souvenir sheets that differ (within the same catalog number) from each other. Differences in size, perforation, presence of glue, etc. can be found. The information in catalogs is somewhat different. The most notable example would be the Souvenir Sheet for release: Winners, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal.

MICHEL catalog: Stamps 1976: Winners, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal, nos. 1516-1521, souvenir sheet №. 27, perforated L 10 ¾. Souvenir sheet size: 109×84 mm. SCOTT catalog: Souvenir Sheet #1482. Imperf.

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1 thought on “DPRK 1976 “Winners, 21st Olympic Games, Montreal” Sheet Sizes and Other Differences

  1. Hello All, one of our members reported that: In the new July 2022 issue of the U.K. philatelic publication STAMP magazine, there is a note on page 9, under the section “News in Brief”, stating:

    “North Korea released a set of 49 stamps marking the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-un’s accession to power. They include photographs of his meetings with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and of the test-firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

    No images accompanied the item.”

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