Four Historic Churches

South Korea

On 14 April, 2022, Korea Post issued a set of 8 stamps as part of its series Han’gug-ŭi yet kŏnch’uk (한국의 옛 건축, Korean Historic Architecture). There were also two sheets issued and a special cancellation. Four churches are commemorated – two Roman Catholic and two Anglican. Shown on the stamps of the churches are an external view (usually of the front of the church) and an internal view. The view always is east to the altar end of the church.

Two things can be noted about the churches which were selected for this commemoration. First, all the churches commemorated are from high liturgical traditions (the Anglican Church of Korea is in the Anglo-Catholic tradition). The second point to note is that the Roman Catholic cathedral is not included. Instead an earlier church has been selected to represent the history Catholic Church in Sŏul.

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