The Korea Stamp Society at 70 years old – a look back and forward


It seems like only yesterday when I first learned of the Society. As I began collecting, two older established dealers suggested I focus on collecting stamps of the group of countries often identified as “U.S. Possessions”. Bright and colourful, the cost of many of them in that era was perfect for a beginning but enthusiastic young collector.

So how did I develop an interest in Korean philately? In the mid-1960’s, the then owners of Linn’s Weekly Stamp News, now known as “Linn’s”, would occasionally turn over the editorial portion of their weekly to established philatelic societies. It was then that I read a certain issue with keen interest and from long ago memory, the issue, filled with articles about Korean philately, included information about the U.S. Military Government in Korea after the end of the Second World War. I was fascinated to learn about such issues but found my regular dealers knew about them but had no such stock. However, in one of the stamp newspapers of the time, I saw an ad from a dealer offering Korean material, Kenneth Westfall, and in order after order, my small collection of this new-to-me area began to grow.

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William Matthews
I've been a KSS member since 1967 and find the USMG period fascinating (Scott 55 - 92a)

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