A Postcard used in 1945, the last year of Japanese occupation of Korea

Old Korea

Forward Note by Bob Finder: The following article by one of our members of the Korea Stamp Society (KSS) shows one of the key values of being a member of the KSS; that value is the gaining of new information about Korean philately from other members. With the collaboration of six different members of the KSS we were able to piece together some of details about this postcard which I owned, but I had previously had little knowledge of what this postcard was all about.

This postcard shown in Figures 1 and 2 was posted on July 18, 1945, only a few weeks before the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and WWII would be over. Japan surrendered on August 14, 1945 and the Japanese occupation of Korea would soon be ended. But what does the postcard tell us about the sender and receiver?

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Dr. Joel Lee
Born in Korea, Vietnam war participation as ROK marine, Dr. of Ministry, Retired Presbyterian Pastor. 40 years collected for Korea stamps 1884-1905.

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