The Korea 1900 Plum Blossom Essays Revisited

Old Korea

The topic of the Plum Blossom Essay was last seen on the Korea Stamp Society webpage back on August 7, 2019 in an article by Gary McLean.

The author of this article was very fortunate to find in an auction in Germany last year, a set of these essays that had not been reported before from a collector in France. They are in VF and ungummed conditions. It is reported that less than 10 complete sets of three values, 5 Poon, 10 Poon and 20 Poon have been seen. Seen below are the images of the these three newly reported essays.

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3 thoughts on “The Korea 1900 Plum Blossom Essays Revisited

      1. By the way, if one converts the essays denominations into chon, it results in: 1ch – 2ch – 4ch.
        So the essays have matching colours with the issued Ewha-stamps of 1ch – 2ch – 4ch of 1900.

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