Changes in Korea Stamp Society Membership Enrolment for 2023

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The Korea Stamp Society’s (KSS) Board, after wide-ranging discussions with the membership, have decided to implement new guidelines for KSS membership starting on January 1, 2023. We have grown over the past four years from less than 40 members to over 400. During this period, we have not charged for KSS membership. The Board believes that the KSS needs members who are dedicated to collecting and researching all types of Korean philately, and who wish to learn from others and who will also contribute ideas and articles to the KSS.

It is felt that too many of our members signed up for a one-time visit, and then did not visit the website again. It does not matter if our members are beginners looking for basic information on Korean philately or experienced and/or specialized; the KSS wants all types of Korean collectors who will visit the website regularly and contribute to maintaining a viable society.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Five types of KSS membership will be available, beginning on January 1, 2023.
    1. An annual membership fee will be available for US$20. This will enable access to all the digital content on the KSS website, including articles, the digital Korean Philately and downloads of philatelic literature.
    2. A 2-year membership fee of US$30,
    3. A 5-year membership fee of US$90,
    4. Life Membership for US$150.
      If the KSS ceases operating, the fees are not refundable.
  2. For 2023, anyone who has signed up for membership before the end of 2022 will not be required to pay a membership fee for one year.
  3. All new applicants in 2023 will need to apply for one of the available membership plans.
  4. All members who joined before 2018 (when dues were required) are granted Life Membership. This represents approx. 40 members.
  5. Membership fees can be waived for members if they have two articles accepted for publication in Korean Philately over the course of one membership year. If they contribute three articles, they will be granted free membership for two years. There is no restriction on the length of articles, and KSS officers will assist contributors, where necessary, especially if English is not their first language. A guide to writing articles for publication will be made available in due course.
  6. We recognize that some members may not have the financial ability to pay the new fee structure. For those who cannot afford the yearly fee, they may apply for a hardship (free) membership. This must be requested annually by the relevant member.

If any member requires more information about these new changes or their membership status, please contact the KSS.

2 thoughts on “Changes in Korea Stamp Society Membership Enrolment for 2023

  1. I would like to know what is going on with Korean Post Office Stamp site and the Philatelic Agency.
    First online site does not allow for overseas orders. Second the Philatelic Agency in which I had an account with for 40 years stopped answering inquiries nor cashed payments. Right now I am going through my niece in Korea to obtain my stamps. Any ideas how I can receive without a third party.

  2. Hi Ed, thanks for question to the KSS about KoreaPost. We all have the same problem with KoreaPost. We have a number of threads and comments about this issue on the KSS website. KoreaPost used to be very customer friendly and had great customer service, but somehow there must have been a change in the organization over 5 years. Since that time, they stopped their subscription program to almost everyone overseas (We had one member who still had it until about a year ago). A long time ago I used this subscription service too. I have written many times to the KoreaPost about it, but most of the time they don’t even answer the e-mails and one time I sent a letter, which they didn’t answer, either. When they do answer, they just write and say to use their shop on their website.

    But now, It is now almost impossible for overseas people to order from their website too, because they are using ancient IT servers, and this system will not accept the modern browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. I believe that the old Explorer 7 might work, but that is not supported any longer and it will not work for most people.

    We have one member from Switzerland who is working with KoreaPost on a joint stamp issue and he is travelling to South Korea this year, I believe. We asked him to check with KoreaPost about this issue. We will see if he finds out any information.

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