The Korea 1954 Christmas /TB Seal


In this article we continue the Korea Stamp Society’s (KSS) series on the Korea Christmas/Tuberculosis (TB) seals that began with information about the first seal issued in 1932 which was introduced by Dr. Sherwood Hall. The last previous article that highlighted the 1953 seal was published on the KSS website on July 29, 2020. The 1953 seal was the first seal produced by the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA) after they took over the program from Dr. Chang Mo-Moon.

The Korean National Tuberculosis Association produced its second Christmas/Tuberculosis (TB) seal to raise funds to fight TB in 1954. This seal was printed by lithograph on un-watermarked gummed paper and sold in sheets of 100 seals. The seal depicts a Korean boy in traditional holiday dress. The seals were produced rather crudely, and there are many minor varieties of the seals within each sheet with many shifted colours. The sheets were issued in perforated and with roulette sheets. Imperforated printings also exist. There are two different printings with shade variations and in four types of “Plates”. The exact information on how this sheet was printed is not known by the author. For example, the author has only seen the first printing in the light brown colour in “Plate A”. If other viewers have more information on this seal and how it was printed, please contact the KSS.

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