Editorial (Korean Philately Vol. 58 No. 2 (2022))


Welcome to the latest edition of Korean Philately. This is a welcome return after many months impacted by the fallout from Covid and internal reorganization. All of that is now behind us and I am delighted to take over as Editor of KP. I am confident that we will resume our normal output of four issues each year, from now on.

This edition contains contributions on South Korean postal stationery and two very different types of charity issues: Soviet bloc labels issued to aid North Korea and Dr Sherwood Hall’s seasonally appropriate Christmas / New Year TB seals. Whether these topics match your own interests or not, I am sure that you will find the articles of interest.

One of the most important developments within the Society has been the decision to reintroduce membership subscriptions/dues. Please look at the details concerning the new fee structure, which can be found on page 3. The decision to implement this brings the KSS in line with the majority of other successful specialist philatelic societies.

One novel initiative is the ability for members to earn free membership in return for articles accepted for publication in this magazine. These contributions do not have to be of any particular length; all I would ask is that they be informative and accurate. A guide to producing articles for the KP will be published shortly.

To encourage those members who would never normally consider writing an article, I am launching two new features. The first is ‘My favorite Item’: this can be a cover, postal stationery, stamp or anything else. All I would like is for you to explain the background to the item, and what makes it special in your own opinion. Value or scarcity are not relevant, although most readers will appreciate the opportunity to see rare items, of course. As an example, please see page 5.

The second feature will be ‘Information wanted’. If members have items which have perhaps puzzled them, or for which they just require more information than they have been able to find, then this is for you. Hopefully these two features will encourage contributions, but remember, articles will also be greatly appreciated!

If you require any additional information, or have contributions for the KP, please contact me by email at editor.koreanphilately@gmail.com

Anthony Bard
I collect North and South Korean Postal History from 1945, focusing on the Korean War and the countries involved in the conflict and post-Armistice commissions. I live in London.

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