South Korea 1955 Christmas/TB Seal


In 1955 the Korean National Tuberculosis Association issued a Christmas/Tuberculosis (TB) seal. This seal was printed by lithograph on un-watermarked gummed paper and sold in sheets of 100 seals. The 1955 seal shows two white cranes in flight. Unlike the 1954 TB seal, this seal was well designed and printed, and there are no known varieties. It was sold both perforated 10 ½ and roulette 11. There are some sheets that appear to have both perforations and the roulette cut. The Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue does not distinguish between the perforated/roulette type, and gives these seals the catalogue number CS14, valued at 4,000 won (US3.15).

There are a number of variations of the perforated sheets, some of which are illustrated in this article. The author has not seen an imperforated sheet. This 1955 seal was not sold in booklets. The seal sold for 1 Hwan each. 5140 sheets are thought to be printed and 3759 sheets sold. Full sheets of this 1955 seal are difficult to find. The author does not know which of the perforations and/or roulette sheets are more common. Maybe some of the readers of this article might know more about this issue and give the KSS some new information about the 1955 seal.

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