South Korea 1956 Christmas/TB Seal


In 1956 the Korean National Tuberculosis Association would again issue a single Christmas/Tuberculosis (TB) seal. This seal was printed by lithograph on un-watermarked paper, both gummed and ungummed, and sold in sheets of 100 seals. The 1956 seal depicts three Hibiscus flowers. The sheets were sold as perforated 11. The seals were printed on both white paper and on a yellowish inked background. The author used to believe it was white and yellow paper, but as the reader will see below with images of the sheets, one sheet has white paper margins that shows those yellowish colored seals were printed on white paper.

The Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) distinguishes between the two different colored seals. The seal printed on white paper has the KPSC number CS15 and the seal printed with the apparent yellowish ink has the KPSC number CS15A. There is no difference in the catalogue value, as both are valued at 4,000 won (US$3.25) The author has not seen an imperforated sheet. This 1956 seal was not sold in booklets. The year 1956 was when the Korean National Tuberculosis Association stepped up its promotion of the TB seals and 4,000,000 seals or 40,000 sheets were produced, compared to only 5140 sheets in 1955. This is the reason that full sheets prior to 1956 are difficult to find and starting with 1956 are more commonly found as prior to 1956, a much lower number of sheets were produced for each year. The 1956 seal sold for 1 Hwan each. Almost double the number of seals was sold at 601,652 copies or 6,016 sheets, compared to those sold in 1955. However, it does indicate that quite a few excess sheets had been printed and not sold. The author does not know what happened to these excess sheets and if they were destroyed.

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