An Excellent Example of a Postally Used South Korean Postcard — Just Before the start of the Korean War


One of our Korea Stamp Society members has the fortune to have in his collection a genuinely postally used postcard that was mailed just before the start of the Korean War in 1950. At the time of the purchase, our member did not realize the significance of the postcard; he was just interested in obtaining an example of this postcard, KPSC PC16. It turns out that it has a much more interesting history than he had understood. This era of South Korean used postcards, from the late 1940sto early 1950s, can be very difficult to find in postally used condition, as the inflation rates in Korea were occurring so rapidly that the postal rates had to be changed accordingly. As a result of these changing postal rates, the different types of surcharges were only in use for a short period of time.

Front (Address) side

This is a very interesting postcard in many respects. The address side shows the following features:

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