I really liked the cute small sheets


I became interested in South Korean stamps in the 1960’s. I especially liked the cute small sheets that came with most of their stamps. I really liked the prices as most of the stamps cost 9-10 cents each and the sheets were 12-15 cents each. As my interest grew I wanted to get the earlier issues and sheets. In 1973 I delved into the world of stamp auctions and in November I placed many bids on the older stamps in an auction by Kwan Lee, Inc. When the gavel came down I had purchased over $600.00 in the older issues. I gave Kwan Lee a want list of my missing issues and he was able to get most of them for me. He put me in touch with Moon Stamps (a newer issue Korean dealer based in Maryland) and my collection was pretty much up to date.

Fig. 1: Korea 1959 60th Annivesary of Korean Railroad souvenir sheet KPSC 202a, Scott 293a

Fast forward to early 1992, when I discovered the Korean Stamp Society (KSS) and liked what I saw. I decided to join the society and in April, 1992 I became member #1004.

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