The Korea 1959 Christmas and New Year /TB Seals


In 1959 the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA), following 1959’s example, would again introduce multiple seals in the Christmas and New Year/TB seal series. There are two seals, one with a girl in a holiday dress and the other showing a boy in holiday dress. There were two different seal printings, one with lighter shades and another in darker shades of the colors. The lighter shade also is not as clear of a printing as the darker shade.

The seals where given out in envelopes, some as promotions in the Korean language and other as gifts in English language envelopes soliciting donations. Perhaps there are earlier envelopes in English used by in prior years, but this is the first year of the TB seals issued by the KNTA that the author has seen English versions of envelopes associated with the seals. The Korean language envelopes are shown with English translations at the end of this article, as well as the English version. Other varieties of this year are not known to this author.

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