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The Korea Stamps Society (KSS) is pleased to the present the second article of Stewart Steres’ Series South Korea’s Commemorative Booklets. This article is about the EXPO’70 International Exhibition, held in Osaka, Japan, from March 15-September 13, 1970 in Osaka, Japan. It contains the 1970 South Korea KPSC 538, Scott 701, the 1967 first two issues of the Folklore Series KPSC 410-412, Scott 552-554 and KPSC 413-415, Scott 555-557.

Osaka Expo ’70

The Japan World Exposition, Osaka, 1970 was a world’s fair held in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, Japan between March 15 and September 13, 1970. Its theme was “Progress and Harmony for Mankind.” It was the first world’s fair held in Japan.

The Expo was designed by Japanese architect Kenzō Tange, assisted by 12 other Japanese architects. Bridging the site along a north–south axis was the Symbol Zone. Planned on three levels, it was primarily a social space with a unifying space frame roof.

The Expo attracted international attention for the extent to which unusual artworks and designs by Japanese avant-garde artists were incorporated into the overall plan and individual national and corporate pavilions. The most famous of these artworks is artist Tarō Okamoto’s iconic Tower of the Sun, which still remains on the site today. [Wikipedia]

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