Korean Stamp Review 4th Quarter 1992 article on the Korea 1940 unissued seal

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The Korean Stamp Review was a quarterly magazine published in English from 1976 to 2014 by the Korean Philatelic Center and authorized by KoreaPost. Ivo Spanjersberg published an article about one of the issues on the Korea Stamp Society’s (KSS) website. At that time Ivo wrote that some issues were available online on the KoreaPost website.

Unfortunately, Ivo informs us now, since these online issues were created with an online tool “Flash” and Flash is no longer supported by browsers, and KoreaPost has not updated their web technology, they can no longer be viewed on the KoreaPost website. This is unfortunate as there are some interesting articles in these magazines. Our KSS Editor, Anthony Bard also tells us that these magazines can be accessed at some philatelic libraries, such as the Spellman Library and the Collectors Club of Chicago, and also some Philatelic Societies may have copies, for example, the Christchurch Philatelic Society in New Zealand has a full run of these magazines.

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