The Korea 1961 Christmas/New Year and TB seals


In 1961 the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA) introduced a new format for multiple seals in the Christmas and New Year/TB seal series. There are four seals, two seals with different stylized trees and bird images, another has a stylized umbrella and the other shows drops of blood and TB crosses.

The 1961 seals were printed by lithograph on un-watermarked paper and sold in sheets of 50 (10 x 5) seals. What is very unusual about this issue is the different number of seals in each sheet. There are 20 seals of one of the stylized trees and birds design and there are 20 seals of the second stylized trees and birds design. There are 5 seals with the drops of blood and the TB crosses design and 5 seals with stylized umbrella design. The sheets were sold as perforated 12 ½.

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