KPC3698: 25th World Scout Jamboree

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(News from 우정사업본부 / KoreaPost) On 30 June 2023 KoreaPost issued a stamp issue commemorating the “25th World Scout Jamboree”. The stamp was also issued in a minisheet of 4 x 4 stamps (16), at 430 won each. The stamps were printed by Cartor for POSA.

KoreaPost released the following English language text for this issue:

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2 thoughts on “KPC3698: 25th World Scout Jamboree

  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    I am President of the Swiss Scout Philatelic Society in Switzerland. Can you help us to obtain mint Scout Jamboree stamp sheets and first day envelopes. We are also interested in receiving registered letters or registered postcards with an increased fee to Switzerland. We would certainly be happy to pay something extra for your efforts. Thank you very much for your reply.

    Martin Bosle
    Engenbüelstrasse 2
    8304 Wallisellen

    1. Dear Martin, the KSS does not sell stamps from either North or South Korea and we have no links to any sellers/dealers. However, you can order stamps through the KoreaPost English language website at Unfortunately, FDCs etc. are not for sale through their English language website. Outside of Korea the easiest option is to look up the scout stamps on for instance Ebay. This is how several KSS members who collect current South Korean stamps buy their stamps/sheets/FDCs/MaxiCards.

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