The Number of Chollimas on Stamps Grows and Grows!—Part 2

North Korea

We continue the story of the Chollimas on North Korea stamps with an additional 16 different stamps depicting a Chollima, somewhere within the stamp’s design, including descriptions. The stamps described in Part 2 cover the stamps issued by North Korea showing the Chollima from the year of 1965 to the end of 1969.

Fig. 1a-b: It is bit difficult to see the Chollima on these two North Korea stamps. On the first stamp , a 10ch value with a soccer player, the Chollima is on the top of the little globe in the white circle. On the other 10ch value the Chollima is depicted on the top of the much larger yellow/golden globe. They were issued in 1965 to commemorate the soccer GANEFO Games, held in Pyongyang, Scott 599-600. They both also exists as a imperforated stamps.
Fig 1b.
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2 thoughts on “The Number of Chollimas on Stamps Grows and Grows!—Part 2

  1. Figure 6 depicts the city of Sinjiu.
    For collectors interested in the Chollima statue, this should be the most intriguing stamp because there is no Chollima statue in Sinjiu.
    The only Chollima statue in the DPRK is in Pyong Yang on Sungri Street!

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