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Recently the Korea Stamp Society (KSS) received a question from the President of the Stamp on Stamp Collectors Club (SSCC), Lou Guadagno, about a presentation sheet that one of their members had obtained. The SSCC, like the KSS, is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society, and was founded in 1954, only two years after the KSS was founded, We believe his question and this author’s answer may also be interesting to the KSS members who collect presentation sheets/souvenir sheet from South Korea.

Lou’s question was:
Hi: I am president of the Stamp on Stamp Collectors Club and am seeking information regarding these presentation sheets to add to our online catalogs, since one has a reproduction of Korea # 1. Although they have no franking value, and are not for everyone, I feel our members should be aware of them. I have scans, but no info for a write up.
Can you advise when they were issued and how many sets were issued? What is an approximate value for them? Have any been sold recently?
Any help you can give will be appreciated and acknowledged on the sites.
Lou Guadagno

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