What do I collect?


I think I have to qualify this with the phrase “at the moment” because like some collectors my passion changes according to chance discoveries and predilections, the money in my pocket and time available. This note records collecting interests between October and December 2022. I am not the distinguished collector who grinds away at a narrow topic for years. I prefer postal history with emphasis on the history as much as the postal, and have this enduring interest in the operational history of post offices. I prefer to see stamps on commercial covers, and when I have the time, I write up my collection with stamps, covers and photographs and whatever ephemera I can find. Otherwise I keep chronological files waiting to turn into prose.

When I was first in Korean in 1978-80 and one could buy stamps at the counter of every department store, I bought a number of mint stamps. Only when I returned to stamp collecting about 2007 did I seriously tackle a Korean collection preferably used stamps. Basically I collect anything related to Korea and my chronological binders, as explained below currently seven in number, plus three stock books which have a collection that runs from the first stamps (or imitations thereof) thru the Japanese period and so to the present day. One thing collected may trigger other unrelated actions as noted below.

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