The year in stamps: 1948 “The fighting starts”

South Korea

The year 1948 was a tumultuous time in South Korea, marked by political turmoil, economic struggles, and social unrest. Despite these challenges, the country was poised for change, as it worked to establish a stable government and lay the foundation for a prosperous future. One of the key political developments of 1948 was the establishment of the Syngman Rhee government, which had been formed in response to the growing need for stable leadership in the country. Rhee, a former political exile who had spent many years in the United States, was seen as a strong and decisive leader who could help steer the country through the difficult times ahead.

Under Rhee’s leadership, South Korea began to make progress in rebuilding its infrastructure and economy. These efforts were hampered by ongoing political and social unrest, as different factions jostled for power and influence in the country, and the establishment of the new government did not bring an end to the political turmoil that had gripped the country. In fact, it only served to exacerbate existing divisions. The country was divided into a conservative, pro-American camp and a more leftist, pro-communist camp. These divisions would come to a head later that year.

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