Information Needed for 1947 Postcard


I have a Christmas postcard from a Korean Presbyterian pastor to one of his former teachers sent on December 1, 1947 from South Korea to the USA. I would like to know what the hand-stamp was used for, of a shield, with what looks like the letters C and P inside a circle inside the image of a shield and the letters and number C.C.D. J-3004.

Fig. 1: Front of card
Fig. 2: Reverse of card
Question answered
This question was originally asked in Korean Philately magazine (Vol. 59 No 1 2023, page 50). One of our members, Stanley Kim, read the article and sent us an answer to the question:

It is a censorship marking of a “shield” with C.C.D. J-3004, being a censor individual number. Each censor had their own identification numbers. This “shield” marking was only used under US Military Government and it was ceased to be used when the Korean government (South) was established in 1948.

After the “shield” censorship marking, there were a variety of “hibiscus” censorship markings followed, which lasted from 1948 to 1958 for ten years.


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