Soviet Bloc Charity Seals for North Korea—More Information

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Late last year when I was looking for some information on the internet about the South Korea Relief seals issued by Germany, I discovered that I did not know that the Soviet Bloc countries also began to raise funds for North Korea Relief during the Korean War. I wrote an article for the Korea Stamp Society’s (KSS) website asking readers if they had any more information about these seals.

As it turned out, by a complete coincidence, a new member, Tamás Nagy from Hungary joined the KSS on September 17, 2021. In my welcome letter to Tamás as a new member, I told him we had just published an article on the KSS website about North Korea charity seals that were issued by Hungary. He replied that this was new information to him, but he would see what other information he could find about these seals from Hungary. Tamás was then able to find and give us some excellent background and information about these seals. Hungary issued the seals as part of a propaganda campaign to raise money for North Korea and to demonize the United Nations during the Korean War.

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