“Chebu” Book Review

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A literally massive philatelic book has been published on Korean philatelic history. In this article Joel Lee, member of the KSS, introduces the book authored by Na Bong-ju and its background.

The author is Mr. Na Bong-ju, born in 1947 in Bubsung, Youngkwang, Jeollanam-province, Korea. Born the youngest of nine siblings shortly after liberation. When he was in 6th grade at elementary school, he followed his older brother to buy his first stamps, that were the national musical instrument series. He joined the stamp society under the Ministry of communications, paid a monthly membership fee, and then whenever new stamps were issued, they were sent to his home.

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Dr. Joel Lee
Born in Korea, Vietnam war participation as ROK marine, Dr. of Ministry, Retired Presbyterian Pastor. 40 years collected for Korea stamps 1884-1905.

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