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The Korea Stamp Corporation has delineated its 2024 stamp issuing program, presenting a new array of postage stamps for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The schedule, which is methodically set out, comprises thirteen distinct issues that span a variety of themes, each with a designated face value and release date.

Kicking off the year is the “New Year Juche 113 (2024)” stamp, valued at 10.00 won, which was released on January 1st, followed by a sequence of issues commemorating significant national anniversaries, cultural themes, and technological achievements.

Stamp program, official leaflet (detail) from KSC publication. Please note the disclaimer underneath the listing.

These stamps, which are meticulously scheduled for release at intervals throughout the year, include commemorations of historical figures and events, such as the “65th Anniversary of the Founding of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards” and the “112th Birth Anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.” Additionally, stamps depicting elements of national pride such as “National Cultural Heritage” and “Natural Monuments” are set to be issued, alongside those celebrating modern advancements represented by “Farm Machines” and “Architectural Buildings.”

Example from 2023, KSC5484-5488 “Fine Arts Works” (FDC)

The program concludes with the issue of “Reserves,” i.e. as of yet unknown stamps, slated for release with a total face value of 490.00 won. This systematic issuance underscores the state’s emphasis on structured and thematic representation through its philatelic releases.

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