The year in stamps: 1951 “War rages on the peninsula”

South Korea

In 1951, the Korean War continued to rage on between North and South Korea, with no end in sight. The year was marked by several significant events that shaped the course of the conflict and impacted the lives of the Korean people.

One of the most notable events of the year was the Battle of Seoul, which began on March 14, 1951. The city of Seoul had already changed hands several times during the course of the war, and this battle would prove to be one of the bloodiest and most significant.

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  1. Slightly off-topic, reading the latest KSS email newsletter, I wanted to say how glad I am that this website and org exists; I thank everybody involved for their hard work. I wish there was something like this for my other collecting interests! I really enjoy articles like this one, both with the info compiled and the chance to see some tiny stamps enlarged like never before. Keep it up KSS!

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