Korea Postage Stamp Museum card officially issued by KoreaPost?


From one of our readers we received the following question: I recently received a postcard from the Korea Postage Stamp Museum, which features an interesting design. On the front, it is a typical postcard, but what caught my attention is the back side, which prominently displays a penguin stamp from the year 2008. Could someone clarify if this card is an officially issued product by the Korean Post? I would greatly appreciate any information on this matter.

Below is the card, front and reverse:

Fig. 1: Front of postcard
Fig. 2: Reverse of postcard

4 thoughts on “Korea Postage Stamp Museum card officially issued by KoreaPost?

  1. It does not look like this is an official post office issued postal card. I found the following thread of information on a blog on Naver, called a bookshelf full of dreams. There are images in this blog thread that include instructions of how to print this penguin image on what looks like this same Postal Museum issued postcard. Here is a link below: https://m.blog.naver.com/kiyoon96/221440501366

    You will need to use your browser to translate the text into English.

    1. That’s a great find, Darren!

      Another thing that I think means this card is not an official KoreaPost product, is that it is missing a stamp indice. All official stamps and postcards are listed on the KoreaPost website. The direct link to the postcards is https://stamp.epost.go.kr/sp2/sg/spsg0104.jsp All postcards listed there come with an image of a stamp. So, now stamp image, no official postcard.

      There is one possible nuance: the Stamp Museum is officially run by KoreaPost. So it still is, in a way, a KoreaPost product. Just not part of the official program.

      1. You are right. This is not an official post card. Just private card without face value although the museum is under control
        of the government’s postal authority. I do not understand why this kind of cards are printed because they are not fit even to the manufacturing of the maximum cards. Furthermore, the picture on the front side is just enlarged one of the stamp design. Less attractive and boring product out of inferior imagination.

  2. This postcard is not an official post card that has been paid for by post.
    This postcard is a souvenir made and distributed by visitors to the stamp museum for the stamping machine experience.
    There are two types of experience postcards: penguins and dolmens.
    If you put a postcard in the stamping machine and press it, the penguin image will pop out convexly.
    There are two types of postcards depending on the logo on the back of the postcard.
    The postcard in the picture is the second postcard made since 2011
    It has been distributed free of charge.

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