Korean meter depicting Archaeopteryx: manufacturer and time frame?


Meter franking is not a very popular subject. Many collectors actively dislike these ink “stamps” because they have been replacing stamps for decades, making it more difficult to collect recent postal history with “real” stamps. But meter franks are official postage and they are valid philatelic items for exhibitions and such.

Fig. 1: Cover showing meter mark.

One of our readers, a philatelic exhibitor from India, has a question with regards to a Korean meter mark. In 2001 KoreaPost used a meter mark which came with an image of an Archaeopteryx, a genus of avian dinosaurs. The cover shown here has this particular meter mark. Notice that the part with the Archaeopteryx is dated “2001.2.2”, the Korean way of writing 2 February 2001, but the actual franking is dated 16.2.01, which is 16 February 2001, exactly two weeks later. The postage of 170 won was the then valid rate for an envelope send domestically.

Fig. 2: The part of the meter mark showing the Archaeopteryx in more detail.

The question is: who was the manufacturer of the meter mark and during which time was this particular meter mark in use? Please leave your answer in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “Korean meter depicting Archaeopteryx: manufacturer and time frame?

  1. Here is a free metermark catalog with worldwide scope in english:

    The KoreaROK (South Korea) section is here:

    It appears to be a Neopost meter mark. Neopost is a french company established 1924. Today one of the top player on the market. The mother company became renamed Quadient in1999, but the established brand name Neopost is kept for the franking machines.

    According to the meterstamp wikibook Korea section, it is a type:
    “A3. Neopost “Electronic” (MV).”

    I guess the slogan box at left was interchangeable and for temporary usage.


  2. It is a privately designed meter marking by ‘Hanbut Philatelic Circle’ which has
    produced lots of metered stamps with pictorial themes to attract the thematic
    collectors on a regular basis from late 20th till early 21th century. Privately made,
    but all of them were approved by the postal authority.

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