News about the Postponement of “Philakorea 2024” to 2025

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Korea Post has made the decision to postpone Philakorea 2024 to 2025. Although the head of the Korean delegation to Thailand 2023 announced and confirmed that Philakorea would be held in August, 2024 on the occasion of the Korean Night event, general government budget situation forced every organization under the government control to radically cut down next year’s budget. At the moment the Korean government in general faces the enormous astronomical amount of budget deficit for the first time ever experienced for several decades specially next year and Korea Post also has been pushed to cancel or postpone many kind of the international event and domestic functions in particular. At least we saved Phikakorea’s destiny and could postpone it, not cancel it.

For the preparation of Philakorea 2024, we are very much convinced that FIP & FIAP really cared about the future of Philakorea and Mr. Prakob, the President of FIP visited Korea himself with Mr. Tan, the Consultant for Philakorea 2024 and Mrs Ong, the Secretary General last November to supervise the overall procedure of the event preparation. However, because of this abrupt, but inevitable decision making by Korea Post, their such valuable, marvellous and painstaking effort was evaporated.

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