Japanese era postcard showing statistics with a twist

Old Korea

The postcard presented here is a significant historical artifact that encapsulates a critical period in Korea’s history under Japanese colonial rule. The intricate design of the postcard, adorned with a traditional Korean structure and overlaid with statistical graphs, belies the grim narrative that the data represents—a narrative of a population under the strain of foreign occupation and its accompanying adversities.

From 1910 to 1945, Korea endured colonial rule by Japan, which exercised its power not only through military and political means but also through cultural and informational control. One of the tools used for the latter were statistical postcards, which served a dual purpose: they functioned as propaganda to demonstrate the supposed benefits of Japanese governance and as instruments to collect and disseminate information about the Korean population.

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Dr. Joel Lee
Born in Korea, Vietnam war participation as ROK marine, Dr. of Ministry, Retired Presbyterian Pastor. 40 years collected for Korea stamps 1884-1905.

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