The Unexpected Popularity of Pre-1952 Republic of Korea Stamps

South Korea

If you’re an avid stamp collector, or even if you’re just dabbling in the fascinating world of philately, there’s a corner of the stamp universe that might surprise you with its allure and value. We’re talking about pre-1952 Republic of Korea stamps, which, according to Henry Gitner and Rick Miller in this month’s “Stamp Market Tips” (Linn’s Stamp News Weekly (June 10, 2024)) titled “Demand strong for pre-1952 Republic of Korea stamps“, are currently in high demand.

Stamps of South Korea are popular with many collectors in the United States,” Gitner and Miller reveal. It seems the Korean War (1950-53) didn’t just leave a historical imprint but also a philatelic one. With many U.S. military personnel and civilians having served in Korea, there’s a significant community with a vested interest in Korean stamps. Add to this the 2.6 million people of Korean descent living in the U.S., and you’ve got a robust market.

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1 thought on “The Unexpected Popularity of Pre-1952 Republic of Korea Stamps

  1. Strange. When I was a junior, London Olympic stamp set is more expensive than the first presidency inauguration stamp of Lee Seung-Man. But from the end of 1980s and the early 1990s, the two kinds of stamps were conversing each other and were registered in the stamp catalogues on a similar price-setting. But, since 1994-5, Lee Seung-Man stamp has shown the vivid lead far ahead of London Olympics stamp set and now the gap is steadily being widened.

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