Possible colour trials of South Korea 1965 and 1967 issues


Recently the author found on eBay what look like some type of color proofs which are unknown to him. They were put up for sale by a general seller/dealer of stamps and artwork. They are imperforate small blocks of paper printed with various color images similar in type to South Korea’s 1965 issues to commemorate the 80th anniversary of telegraph service between Seoul and Inchon, (Scott 481-482), and one of the stamps issued in 1967 to commemorate the Second Five-Year Plan, (Scott 569 of the set of ten, Scott 569-578).

There were very few bids on these stamps. After sending a note to the seller, asking if he knew what they were, he replied that he did not know himself, and wrote that they were in an accumulation/collection that he had purchased. He asked if we can find out what they are, and please let him know what we discover. So, the big questions are: where did these stamps originate and what was their purpose?

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5 thoughts on “Possible colour trials of South Korea 1965 and 1967 issues

  1. After I received these eccentric items by mail from Mr. Finder, I came to the conclusion that they were fakes possibly made by Chinese or Taiwanese. Why Chinese or Taiwanese? We have some proofs that they made similar ones in the past, too. First of all, Korea’s die or plate proofs of 1960s were printed on the same quality of the printing paper. But these items’ papers look too much modern, never the same or similar characteristics of the printing papers of those days. Furthermore the printing papers of those days have lots of wrinkle and the level of flatness is not that even, judging from the technical comparison with other proofs already identified so far. And Korea’s proofs for color trial were made usually with 5 different colors. That’s why we better doubt if they are really printed by the postal authority and its agencies or not, in case we find more than 5 trial colors. If, I mean really if, if these are not fakes and proved that they were printed under the authorized control of the postal authority, these items must have been printed just for the promotion of the printing scheme or other purposes. However, I also doubt the second speculation, because I gave never seen such items.

  2. These color trial like items are very questionable, not appropriate to be listed on the magazine. it let others consider the KP is promoting fakes. The dealer sell many different types of similar items ( based on Korea and China stamps) on ebay…..by a very cheap price.

  3. First, I want to object any accusation about these fakes directly related to Chinese or Taiwanese without evidences. You say you have proof then please show!
    Second, these fakes are not only limited to forged from Korean stamps, they were also made from issued Chinese stamps, ( or maybe Thai stamps? I don’t remember the detail) I myself had also bought some at the beginning and became a victim. The starting bid was low , maybe around 10 USD, some ended at more than 100 USD, but most ended by around 10-20 USD, which implied, : most viewers considered : what the hell are those items?
    The question is: the original stamp was very cheap (e.g. Sc#481 2.00), so even they are genuine color trials it still cannot be too rare, and there are so many ROK stamps issued in 1960s, we don’t understand why the forgers choose these unimportant stamps to make fakes.
    Back to Taiwan forgeries, there are many fantasy stamps sold on Ebay (use keywowd: unissued) and they are sold from a Taiwanese dealer, I agrree they are really annoying, but at least they are clearly mentioned replica.

  4. Accusation? What do you mean by that? I wrote that they were fakes possibly made by Chinese or Taiwanese. Lots of English, French, German and American dealers made forgeries and fakes of Old Korean Kingdom stamps in early 1900s. Along with them, Japanese also made many fakes and forgeries of Korean items. We Korean collectors including me have written such kind of articles in many publications so far. But we have never received any complaints like you from those countries. You might have a right to ask me to do something. But I have no duty to reply to you as you wish . If you are curious, please find out relevant information by yourself. Let me tell you something . There were lots of news In Korea that Chinese got involved in printing forgeries and fakes of Korean stamps and revenues. Several years ago, one foreign bunch controlled by Chinese including some Taiwanese was caught by the police because of illegal printing activities in Korea. Furthermore, we Koreans also were notorious by manufacturing false imitated items in 1960s-1970s, not only stamps but all kinds of women’s items in particular. Since PRC opened its market to the world, those Korean-imitated goods have been replaced by Chinese false products. If you have no idea about it, you know nothing about the world economy. If my explanation is wrong, please show me the evidence that Chinese are clean and honest, and far better civilized than the western part of world. While I was staying in Canada in 2017, Chinese-faked Canadian stamps were discovered by the official news media. That means some Chinese work like that even now. Never stopping. These “some Chinese” could be some Korea, some Japanese, some Australians. Bad guys are everywhere. If you feel nervous that I mentioned CHINESE, then should I write “certain unknown country between Russia and North Korea”?? Mr. Chen Yi -Fu, this is not a court, but an open internet community we share information and discuss something and some persons.

  5. Gentlemen, thank you for the information and spirited discussion about these “proofs” being fake. It is a good warning for our members to watch out for these fakes. I was lucky because I didn’t pay very much for these as I was suspicious too. I believe we should close this thread now with all the information we received about these being fake. Thanks for replying to the posts. Bob

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