Buyer Be Aware: Korea 1940 Unissued Christmas and TB seals


As Korea Stamp Society (KSS) members who have been interested in Christmas/TB seals already know, there is a 1940 unissued Christmas and TB seal that was confiscated by the Japanese. There have been a number of articles about this seal on the KSS website, the last being on May 17, 2023.  At that time there were 56 known copies of this seal in collectors’ hands, most mint, but a handful found on covers. Another mint one has been found which brings the number to 57. In 2019 the Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) valued a single copy for 1,000,000 won with the catalog number of TSC 9A. The newer 2022-2023 KPSC does not give this unissued seal a value.

It has come to the author’s attention that there is an imitation copy of a sheet of 25 seals of this 1940 seal. It is thought that Dr. Sherwood Hall did send a sheet of 25 seals to his mother in the USA. But it is known that this sheet was broken up.

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