The Korea 1974 Christmas and New Year/TB seals


As in 1973, in 1974 the Korean National Tuberculosis Association (KNTA) program produced a design of a pair of Christmas/TB seals with only two different images. The two seals depict a stylized Christmas tree and the author does not know what the other image portrays, perhaps the image represents traditonal items common in Korea during the festive season. If someone has information about this other image, please share this information with the Korea Stamp Society (KSS). The seals were printed in sheets of both 100 and 50 seals and a souvenir sheet of 2 pairs was issued.

Fig 1. The Korea 1974 Christmas/TB souvenir sheet of 2 pairs of the seals, Korean Postage Stamp Catalog (KPSC) TCS 97-98, depicting a stylize image of a Christmas tree and some other items, KPSC TSC 98a.

The 2022 Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPSC) gives the numbers for the 1974 seals as KPSC TCS 97-98. The KPSC values the pair of seals at 5,000 won ($3.70). The souvenir sheet, KPSC TCS 98a is valued at 50,000 won ($37).

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