2024 Korea Stamp Exhibition: Royal Flags of the Joseon Dynasty

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The 2024 Korea Stamp Exhibition, from July 18th to 24th at Seoul’s Nodeul Island, features the Royal Flags of the Joseon Dynasty. Visitors can enjoy the sight of Pomily friends holding these historic flags, making the event a blend of history and visual delight.

KoreaPost released this image and wrote the following on the Korea Stamp Portal about the exhibition:

Why is everyone so noisy? What on earth is happening? Attention, please. From July 18th to 24th, the <2024 Korea Stamp Exhibition> will be held at Nodeul Island, Han River, Seoul. During the exhibition, the Pomily friends will be holding the royal flags of the Joseon Dynasty. It’s a once-a-year event, so you’ll come, right? Promise??

Stamp Hobby Week (Royal Flags of the Joseon Dynasty)

The royal family used various symbols, called “eojang” (儀仗), during important ceremonies or when members of the royal family traveled, to elevate the dignity of the event and highlight the protagonist’s majesty. There are a total of 28 types of eojang flags from the Joseon Dynasty, classified by size into daegi (large flags), junggi (medium flags), and sogi (small flags). The commemorative stamps feature Hongmun Daegi and Girin Gi.

The stamp set issued for this event is this set of two stamps (see later this month in stamp news):

In case you are wondering what the Pomily friends are, here is a video produced in 2023 showing the Pomily friends talking about another stamp issue, the one on Korean musicals:

6 thoughts on “2024 Korea Stamp Exhibition: Royal Flags of the Joseon Dynasty

    1. Thank you for that information. I noticed that so far KoreaPost didn’t announce any postcard for this year’s national exhibition. (The two stamps later this month are for Philately Week, not this exhibition.) The last time KoreaPost issued postcards for a national stamp exhibition was in 2022. Why was there no issue for 2023 or this year?

  1. Korea Post has no consistency in terms of issuing of stamps or postal cards. Whenever new guys get in in the postal authority, the issue policy is arbitrarily changed, regardless of its high or low ranking. See the New Year’s Greetings Stamps in particular in the stamp catalogue. Just a mess. That’s not the technical matrix, It is one of the national characteristics deeply rooted in Korean’s pathos. Koreans are easily agitated politically and inclined to switch from one side to another with no hesitation. They are lacking the concept of COMPOSER and RATIONALITY. Somebody told that that’s why Koreans have achieved the economic miracle. regardless of success or failure, I hate that. But I cannot change it alone .

  2. As far as I know, there is no plan for KSS to send a delegation or visitors to the national exhibition. But if
    you need some help during your stay in Korea, please leave a message here. If you let me know email address or mobile phone number, I will contact you.

  3. Hello Jin Hut,

    thank you for your proposal : sebjarod @ yahoo . fr (of course leave out the space). I’ll write my phone number by mail if there is a need.

    I discover the National Exhibition today and, by chance, I will start my Seoul part of my trip on 24 July until 30 July. The Exhibition becomes my first activity in the capital.

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