Board of Directors of the KSS

The Board of Directors (2024) of the KSS consists of the following KSS members:

Chairman: Robert (Bob) A. Finder
Residence: Tennyson, South Australia, Australia
Born: 27 April 1947, Missouri, USA
Job: Retired (Chemical Engineer—Biotech)
KSS Member: #757
Collecting area(s): South Korea prior 1972, Netherlands and Colonies prior 1972

Joined KSS in 1976, board member since October 2018, Chairman 2021-2022
Vice-President: Anthony (Tony) Bard
Residence: West Sussex, England
Born: 7 June 1953
Job: Editor, The London Philatelist (journal of the Royal Philatelic Society London). European representative for Cherrystone Auctions, Newark, USA.
KSS member: 1153
Collecting areas: North Korea postal history 1945-1958; South Korea postal history 1945-1954; Korean War postal history (all military and medical units) with special interest in POW mail; Post-Armistice Supervisory Commissions’ postal history 1953-1958. Himalayan Expeditions. Byrd Antarctic Expeditions I and II. West Sussex postal history.
Secretary-Treasurer: Yong Sok Yi
Residence: Tracy, California, USA
Born: 21 September 1967
Job: Letter Carrier, United States Postal Service; US Army Retired
KSS member: #1212
Collecting areas: North Korea prior to 1980 with special interest in large sheet and domestic print.

Joined KSS in 2018, board member since February 2019, Secretary-Treasurer since February 2020.
Board Member (Editor): James Huntley Grayson
Residence: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Born: 31 July, 1944
Job: emeritus professor
KSS Member: #1118
Collecting area(s): I collect all periods of Korean stamps before 2010, but my special interest is in the cultural and political meaning of the images which appear on stamps. I collect stamps from all of the East Asian countries past and present. I'm also interested in the very first issues of any stamp issuing authority.

Joined KSS around 2000, board member since September 2018.
Board Member (Editor): Stewart Steres
Residence: Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
Born: 21 September 1943
Job: retired (pharmacist)
KSS member: #1027
Collecting area(s): South Korea stamps, booklets and commemorative folders.

Joined KSS about 1990, board member since 1996.
Board Member: Florian Eichhorn
Residence: Wiesbaden, Germany
Born: 1958
Job: Historian (non-affiliated)
KSS member: #867
Collecting areas: postal history, used stationery, postmarks, communications related ppc/ephemara, literature of:
Old Korea and the Koreas to 1970; Japan (inc. dependencies, but WWII-occupations only China/HK); China to 1958; Dutch East Indies/Early RSI to 1952.

Joined KSS in 1987, board member since February 2020.
Board Member: Peter B. Corson
Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Born: 14 September 1939
Job: retired from Duke Energy Co.; part-time adjunct on faculty of North Carolina State University, Mechanical Engineering Dept since 1976
KSS member: #1163
Collecting areas: North Korea 1948 to approx 1980; stamps and covers.

Joined KSS in 2009, board member since September 2018.
Publisher: Ivo Spanjersberg
Residence: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Born: 10 januari 1976
Job: business architect at Kadaster (The Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency)
KSS member: #1177
Collecting areas: South Korean revenue stamps
Joined KSS in 2015, board member since March 2018.

For rules and regulations regarding the Board of Directors please see the KSS By-Laws. For previous Boards since 1952 please see our historical Board page. If you’d like to contact any Board member, please use our contact form.