Cinderellas and (Christmas) Seals

New Discovery of Two Very Rare Covers with Dr. Hall’s Unissued 1940 Korea Tuberculosis/Christmas Seals

There was recently an exciting find by a reader of the Korea Stamp Society’s (KSS) webpage. Mr. Edwin Burgoyne, who has been researching information on old covers that were part of his wife’s (Alison) missionary family’s collection, read the articles about Dr. Sherwood Hall’s TB/Christmas and New Year’s seals. He especially noticed the article about […]

Chinese “Non Postal Value Souvenir Sheet” for Philakorea 1994

Many different types of philatelic products have been created over the years by many different organizations and individuals. In China the so-called “Non Postal Value Souvenir Sheets” are one specific example of a type of such a product. They were (and are?) created on a very large scale, but they are relatively unknown outside of […]


A small study of a small booklet

On April 20, 1974 the South Korean Ministry of Communication released the third booklet of stamps in a smaller size than the two previous booklets (82x55mm). This was the first and only stapled panes booklet as the two others had the stamp panes stitched to the cover. This was also the last of the 30 […]

South Korean booklets and color bars (V)

This is Part 5 of the BOOKLETS WITH COLOR BARS article. On 1/24/1994 the Ministry issued the first “Portable Booklet” to commemorate the 21st U.P.U. Congress (3rd issue). This issue started the color bars for a total of 15 issues through 3/27/1996. All of these were in the “Portable Booklet” format. For explanation see part […]

First Day Covers (FDCs)

Usage Of Recently Issued Commemoratives? (2)

Recently when I bought some stamps from a Korean dealer through Ebay I received an envelope with some very recently issued commemoratives on it. This time the same seller went further and not only used the most recent stamps issued, but he actually created an FDC while doing so! 

Korean FDC’s: “Trying to fill in the blanks”

“Korea’s Special Souvenir Card for the Gold Medal Winners of the 1960 Olympics” was a neat little historical item in Korean Philately, (November 1997, page 8) contributed by KSS member Jack Kay. The article reminded me of an episode in my early Korean collecting-life. 

Military Mail

Korean war 1952 Christmas card of Dutch detachment

The Dutch detachment was operational between between 1950 and 1954. It was operating under the flag of the United Nations and were under command of the United States of America. The soldiers could send there mail postage free via the American Army Post. On Arrival by airmail at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam alle cards and letters […]

Korean Military Advisor Correspondence (1955)

(Translated by Le Tuyet Mai.) The envelope shown in Figure 1 was sent from the office of Korean Advisory Commander-Assistant to Lieutenant-Colonel, belonging to MC Advisory Team (KMAG-V Korean Military Advisory Group-Vietnam), belonging to APO 91 US Forces (Division: Foot-band no. 91- US Army) in Vietnam. The letter was postmarked Pungsan (Korea), 17-11-1955. Perhaps, this […]

Revenue Stamps

Philatelic Adultery (1979)

In the D.C. Chapter Notes for February, 1979 a question was raised about copies of the first Korean stamps used on invoices. I had an opportunity to examine one of these (actually a bill of lading). I concluded that it was a modern concoction for extracting money from collectors. If it can be reproduced, a […]

Revenue stamped document: Masan middle school graduation certificate

From the collection of Joe Ross, well-known amongst revenue stamp collectors as someone with one of the largest revenue stamp collections in the world and author of several revenue stamp catalogues, comes this revenue stamped document from the city of Masan (마산), now part of Changwon (창원시). Unlike with postal documents, revenue documents are usually […]

Stamp Sheets

Souvenir Sheet Prices (1961)

When new Souvenir Sheets come out, at the issuing post offices there is a line-up outside of the crowds of people who are trying to get them. At 8 .30 AM, a P. O. official will then come out and hand out slips of paper specially marked which allow the owner to then go in […]

The Beginning of “Special Sheets”

It seems that as an afterthought, a commemorative stamp and souvenir sheet were issued on 20 May 1958 honoring “The 2nd Postal Week”, with no 1st Postal Week stamp issue in sight. The following year, 1959, in celebration of the 3rd Postal Week a new philatelic class of item was generated (on 20 May 1959); […]

Other stamps

Olympics on Korean stamps

First of all, I believe, I should shortly introduce myself and describe my way here. I am Victor E. Afanasiev, a freelance translator from Minsk, Belarus. I started collecting stamps as a boy, in a small Belarusian town, and to my late 50s I have come through the stages of collecting Sports in general and […]

The Korean Laid Paper Issues of 1955-6

In an earlier article on finding certain issues of Korea, it was mentioned that this author has been searching for a Korea 1956 Scott 212E on horizontal laid paper for many years. See Figure 1 for an example of 212E on vertical paper. The Scott catalogue makes a note under 212D-F, that all three exist […]