Important Auction Catalogs of the past

Auction catalogs are always a useful reference. Here we list dates/download links of important collections of the past for reference.

Please report other important collections (with link) for this subpage. If possible include .pdf of prices realized, some companies have extra files for that. We also would love to have older catalogs (back to the 1970s) with relevant Korean philatelic material, scanned and uploaded as .pdf.

Classic Korea Kingdom & Empire period

Auctions of classic Korea “Kingdom & Empire” period collections of two renowned late japanese philatelist-exhibitors, among the basics of a 1884/1905 philatelic library:

The KONDO Ichiro collection of Korea
David Feldman, Geneva/Switzerland, 1994.11.2
PDF: 31.4 mb

The MIZUHARA Meizo collection of Korea
Spink & Son, Hong Kong, 2013.1.13
PDF: 22.64 mb (note: directly viewable on /alternative link to PDF

SPC Korea (Kingdom and Empire) auction
Sun Philatelic Center, Inc. Public Auction No. 28 (Tokyo, Japan), 1980.3.8
PDF: 67.7 mb

Contains among other items also Peter Holcombe’s collection (inc. a portion of Helen K. Zirkle estate) plus these two articles:

(1) CHIN, Ki-Hong: A Brief History of Korean Stamps.
IN: SPC public auction #28 (March 8, 1980) pp. 68 -78

(2) CHIN, Ki-Hong: The Postmarks during the Period of Old Korean Kingdom (1) (2).
IN: SPC public auction #28 (March 8, 1980) pp. 79-86.

The Cherrystone stamp auction of October 12-13 2021

The sale detailed mainly a large exhibition collection of Korea:
Session 13/first pdf (size 45.8 mb) had single lots:
Japanese Offices in Korea, lots #781/817
Korean Kingdom&Empire #818/883
North Korea #884/888

Session 14/second pdf (size 14.8 mb) included collections of Korea viz. Lot #1354/71.

The list of prices realized was converted into a .pdf (size 880k) and is here.


North Korea (DPRK)

The MAEDA Taizo collection of North Korea
Interasia Auctions, Sale 55, June 26-29, 2016

North Korea pages / PDF